Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zia Records "You Heard Us Back When, Volume 7" tracklisting announced!

Zia Records is proud to announce the release of our newest Local Music compilation, “You Heard Us Back When, Volume 7”, on sale at all Zia stores on National Record Store Day, Saturday April 20th!

Volume 7 is our biggest You Heard Us Back When compilation yet, with an impressive 40 tracks spread across two discs. From the beginning of our revival of the Zia tradition of releasing a compilation of local artists back in 2008 for the first annual Record Store Day, we didn’t dream it would lead to our seventh volume of local acts. Each year, we discover more and more terrific bands from Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas with no shortage of talent developing in our neighborhoods. There are so many talented bands and musicians in Arizona and Nevada, and to prove it, we outdid ourselves again and created an incredible compilation featuring some of the best local acts like Dry River Yacht Club, Zero Zero, The Father Figures, Mergence, Roll Acosta, French Girls, Creepsville 666, The Breakup Society, Future Loves Past to name just a few.

For more information on all the bands featured on the compilation, visit the links below!

Our compilation will be on sale for just $3, with proceeds from the sales going to HALO Animal Rescue. HALO (Helping Animals Live On) is dedicated to providing and making this community a safe place for homeless pets. The mission of HALO is to increase animal adoption, sterilization and providing pet care education. HALO is a no-kill facility animal rescue and adoption center. HALO specializes in providing refuge to pets that might otherwise be destroyed at other shelters and for this, we commend them. We are happy to be partnering with such a great organization this year. For more info, visit HALO Animal Rescue online at http://halorescue.org/. In addition to the proceeds from the sales of our compilation going to HALO, donation cards will be available at all ZIA locations starting on Record Store Day and customers can donate any specific amount they would like. Every dollar counts!

We appreciate your support; please spread the word on this upcoming compilation. We look forward to seeing you all on Record Store Day!

And remember…Zia loves you!


Zia Records "You Heard Us Back When, Volume 7" Track Listing

1. Down The Shore – Autumn Anthem (Phoenix)
2. The Swamp Gospel – The Devil Got Religion (Las Vegas)
3. Emby Alexander – I Don’t Mind If You Call Us Friends (Phoenix)
4. Dry River Yacht Club - The Legend Of El Tigre (Phoenix)
5. Manufactured Defects – One Step (Phoenix)
6. Future Loves Past – Saturn (Don’t Test Fate, Baby…Don’t)(Owl) (Phoenix)
7. Black Camaro – Summer Of Dirt (Las Vegas)
8. Chaz – Always featuring Reina Azteca & Zig Zag (Las Vegas)
9. Creepsville 666 – Dance For Me (Phoenix)
10. Zero Zero – Drug (Phoenix)
11. Mergence – Dynamite & Kerosene (Phoenix)
12. French Girls – Aerobicise (Phoenix)
13. Solo The King – Drive Home (Las Vegas)
14. Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold – Ain’t That Bad (Phoenix)
15. Palms – Dirty Little Knees (Phoenix)
16. The Breakup Society – She Doesn’t Cross Against The Light (Phoenix)
17. Murrieta – Florence (Phoenix)
18. Broken Romeo – One In A Million (Tucson)
19. Ashley Creighton – Sunday (Phoenix)
20. The Hourglass Cats – Havoc (Phoenix)
21. Manufactured Defects – Its Nota You It’s Me (Phoenix)

1. The Father Figures – Maid In China (Phoenix)
2. Galactic Basic – Base It On Basic (Phoenix)
3. Solo The King - Where Am I (Phoenix)
4. The Venomous Pinks – Leather (Phoenix)
5. Jonathan Sakas – Amber Alert (Phoenix)
6. Action Jets – Action Jets (Phoenix)
7. Roll Acosta – The Deep (Tucson)
8. Psyphen – The Haves (Phoenix)
9. Define Appropriate – Conquest (Las Vegas)
10. Lucky Cuss – Con Chic (Las Vegas)
11. Robert Payne – Drive (Phoenix)
12. Futurekind – All Done (Phoenix)
13. No Longer Together – The Time You Spend (Phoenix)
14. Spirit Cave – Nothing Can Save You (Phoenix)
15. Ethan 103 – 500 (Window Rock)
16. Something To Kill – Heaven’s On Fire (Phoenix)
17. Hope’s Edge – Hey Francis (Las Vegas)
18. Ikonoklast – Dead Inside (Phoenix)
19. Cori Rios – The Backyard Song (Phoenix)

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